Tuesday, 13 August 2013

See The Man Who Refused to Marry TV Personnel Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa
Well, AshmarkOlakunle and few other blogs in Naija did it for Lola Omotayo, Peter Okoye's babymama, so I believe we could also do same for On Air Personality, our dear Toke Makinwa.

While some praised Peter Okoye each time he impregnated Lola Omotayo and took her to the labour room to drop a baby for him, AshmarkOlakunle kept reminding him that it shouldn't be done that way. He later saw reason and has now proposed to Lola...I hear they're getting married soon. Great!

So, now to the case of these guys, Maje Ayida and Toke Makinwa:
Since they aren't brother and sister, and the guy is financially comfortable, I'm wondering why Maje & Toke are carrying on with "boyfriend and girlfriend" for 11years going to 12years. Maybe we need to remind Maje that this lady, even if she is not complaining, is old enough to be a wife. And her time is going.

One of the reasons why Toke Makinwa may not want to complain is that she wouldn't want the guy to dump her over some flimsy excuse(s) after dating her for over 11years.

So those of us who reminded Peter Okoye to do the right thing with Lola Omotayo should also remind Maje that 11 solid years is enough to date a lady and get married to her.

Do you agree?

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