Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Momentum For Change Has Gained Acceleration – Tinubu

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APC leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has since released a press statement on the registration of the new political party, a merger of the ACN, ANPP and CPC. The statement is published below unedited. 
Once again, history is made in our country and before our very eyes. The confirmation of the registration of the All Progressives Congress, APC, by INEC signals the commencement of a new phase in the struggle to bring true democratic change to Nigeria.
This is not just a merger. This is the first ever merger in the history of Nigeria and represents a paradigm shift in the politics of our country. Together we must own it. As Nigerians we see history unfold before our very eyes and we must rise up to answer the call of history to liberate our people. I congratulate all our governors,all our members from the North-East, North West, South-South, South- East, South-West and the North Central and all would be members and well wishers of our great party, APC.
Let me single out for congratulations the leadership of the merging parties, particularly the executives and the entire membership of APC for their perseverance, doggedness and the sacrifices they made in the interest of our country. They resolutely stood behind the merger and had trust in the leadership and the process. Their faith in the message of change that APC represents has been aptly demonstrated. It is to them that the greatest credit goes to. Because we fulfilled the laws for registration as prescribed, we all along were confident that our party will be registered. We worked hard to ensure that our party was in good stead and in good standing with the law. Selfish interest and ego were shelved. Personal sacrifices were made particularly by those who hitherto occupied higher positions in the merging parties in the interest of moving Nigeria forward.
I congratulate millions of Nigerians who stood by us during the long process to form the APC party and actualize its objective. This registration is a culmination of concerted and diverse efforts and commitment by our people to work for a new Nigeria. With APC, a new Nigeria is necessary and is possible.
I also want to congratulate INEC and the leadership of INEC headed by Prof. Jega and the entire institution for this positive pronouncement. Nigerians must give INEC a pat on the back for complying with the law of the land. What INEC has done is to follow the constitution and the electoral act to the later. We hope INEC will continue in this spirit of independence and respect for the rule of law in all its future operations.
Today, I can say that Nigeria’s democratic journey has started on a new course and we must pursue this course religiously and rigorously. Our commitment to achieving ‘One Man, One Vote’ remains resolute. We therefore must demand from INEC the
full adoption of the biometric system. Prof. Jega and the Institution he leads will not achieve much and their efforts at free and fair elections will not be fruitful until they adopt a modern technologically driven biometric system that will ensure the integrity of our elections and earn the confidence of Nigeria. If this is done, we can then say our democracy has advanced several miles forward to join other civilized democracies in Africa. Good job, Jega and INEC. You deserve an administrative pat on the back. The real kudos will come when you work to midwife a virile democracy.
Finally with the registration of All Progressives Congress, APC, the momentum for change has gained in acceleration as this merger is ready to set Nigeria on an irreversible cause of change and people oriented development. Congratulations Nigerians. The struggle has just begun, because democratic victory is certain.

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