Monday, 29 July 2013

Luis Suarez Receives Death Threats From Fans

Liverpool footballer Luis Suarez is in trouble again but this time he is the victim and not the bad guy. The police in Liverpool are investigating death threats sent to Luis Suarez.
The threats are coming from suspected Liverpool fans who do not want to see the Uruguayan striker leave Merseyside for Arsenal.
Arsenal has placed a mouth watering bid for Suarez and despite Liverpool’s attempts to make him stay he is keen on joining Gunners. Most of the threats have been online, some of them via Twitter.
"If by any chance Liverpool do accept a bid, and you move, I will find you and I will kill you," read one tweet aimed at Suarez.
"Can Arsenal just f*** off. If Luis Suarez leaves I’ll hunt him down and kill him," read another.
The police have confirmed that they are aware of these threats and are looking into it. "People should be aware they can be held accountable to the law for anything they write on social networking sites," said a Police spokesman.

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