Friday, 19 July 2013

WIZKID'S Expelled From School For Alleged Stealing [Pass Revealed]

I was not part of the interview but am sure E24-7 can't just cook up something. Read through to see how E24-7 broadcast it.. 100% Culled from E24-7 Entertainment
As the nation's pop sensation, Wizkid, real names Ayo Balogun, is embroiled in a breach of contract brouhaha with some of his former high school mates, the aggrieved parties have exclusively revealed to E24-7 MAGAZINE what he has been hiding - the circumstances surrounding his expulsion from his secondary school- Ijebu Ode Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.
Apparently in a fit of pique following his attitude and denial before police authorities, the ex-schoolmates and organizers of the concert,  Olumide Adewale and  Adetunji ' Najia Child' Adedokun-Fernandez, have launched a 'cold war' against him revealing his ugly past.  Their grouse in an exclusive interview with E24-7 MAGAZINE is not unconnected with his refusal to acknowledge he was paid to perform at their much publicized but botched concert.  Wizkid, they said had claimed he has never met them and denied ever attending the same school with them.  To prove their paths had crossed in the past and was duly paid to perform at the concert, they revealed the bank account the sum of N500.000.00 was paid. These and more including the role of the police authorities in the matter, the spokesperson of the group, Adetunji Fernandez revealed in this interview with E24-7MAGAZINE.

What is the latest update on your group's allegation that Wizkid breached the contract to perform at your show?
As at this morning when the police called us, they said they have received all the details of the account and everything from the headquarters. His lawyer has been calling us also to tell us that he has contacted the police and there's nothing we can do and that we should drop the case. They told us there's nothing we can do and that they have the police with them and they have paid them.
Is the police trying to give you people listening ears?
The police are trying to kill the case.
Could it be that you and your colleagues don't have sufficient evidence to prove that you actually paid Wizkid?
We do have all the evidence on ground, sir. The results were brought from the two banks the police went to investigate and everything is bouncing back against Wizkid. The police went to the banks, GTB and ECOBANK to get the details. The first payment we made was 500 thousand naira and the manager Godwin Tom said we should settle him with 5 thousand naira since we didn't settle him from the beginning.
Did you show this proof of payment to the police?
We have the photocopy of every document in the police file including the bank teller.
Did the Police ask him (Wizkid) to refund your money?
The police called us that they have gotten the result and they have gone through some things that are bouncing back against Wizkid and he (Wizkid) is telling us he has reported to the police and there is nothing we can do according to his lawyer. He said that he has “pocketed” the police. That was the word his lawyer used.
Which Police Station did you make your initial report?
Zone2, Ikeja Area Command but he got there and he was pleading with them so we had to go to the AIG's office and we lodged our complaints so the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Owoyemi was the one who handled the case.
So as it is now, are the police entertaining your grievances?
When our lawyer called the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) today, our lawyer was very angry with him and the I.P.O had to confess that he didn't collect money; he said it was his boss that collected money.
So what are you people going to do now?
We are going to release our press statements and hold a legal meeting this evening and maybe we'll go to court or not, our lawyer will determine our next step of action.
I learnt some of you guys were his secondary school mates, right?
Yes, one of us was his secondary school mate in Ijebu-Ode Grammar School and he was expelled from the school in SS2 for theft. He stole his mother's gold. His mother complained to the school but she didn't know the school was going to take it that serious and his friends said that's the way he's been behaving since JSS1. So he left the school for Ogunlade College in Surulere, Lagos.  In the statement they wrote to the police, he's denying he didn't go to that school and we have a picture of him in ijebu-Ode Grammar School's uniform.

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