Wednesday, 17 July 2013

See How Wizkid, Davido & Jude Okoye Flaunt What They’ve Got

After about an hour of contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that really and truly – “There is no business like Showbiz!”
Back in May 2013, we gave you quite a deep look at some of our Nigerian celebrities’ ostentatious things – those luxuries they acquired that they couldn’t but help to share it with their fans.
Over 200 comments later and we’re back to ‘square one’ as over the weekend, we saw a little more of ‘what they got’ - Wizkid, Davido & Jude Okoye, just to name a few, gave us a peek at how much money they’ve really got.
Check on it!
 When you see spikes, there’s only one high-end fashion label that comes to mind and Wizkid was just getting started.
 Have there ever been dilemmas any bigger than what Rolex to cop?

After all he got at his last shopping spree in South Africa, Star Boy couldn’t resist the expensive designer labels calling his name in Selfridges. Please note that he said this was just ‘Day 1′ so I say to you solemnly, in my best Nigerian movie advert voice – “Watch out for part two”
Jude Okoye

How many of us just browse through expensive high-end cars online with wads of cash next to our computers? Oh! You do that too? I thought I was alone in this Ferrari-shopping day dream.
 I’m sure by now, you know Davido has a thing for strip clubs. All that money just for chicken wings?

Davido getting ready to buy some more chicken wings, I guess.
Yes, that’s the Versace emblem you can see on that pendant Davido just purchased ‘on holiday’.
This is how Davido welcomes himself back to Nigeria.
In the words of Sarkodie“You know say money no be problem” but, one question comes to mind – are Nigerian stars too boastful or are you loving the display of their hard earned wealth and possessions?
Let us know your thoughts!

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